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Researchers at the University of Edinburgh have generated a monoclonal antibody to the streptavidin binding epitope tag widely used in affinity purification of proteins.

The streptavidin-binding protein monoclonal antibody has been raised against the streptavidin binding peptide tag (peptide sequence MDEKTTGWRGGHVVEGLAGELEQLRARLEHHPQGQREP) conjugated to KLH.

It has been tested in immunoblotting analysis as well as immuno-fluorescence microscopy and demonstrated to work very well. The antibody was raised in mice and is an IgG1k isotype.

Hybridoma cells expressing a monoclonal antibody against the Streptavadin Binding Protein tag are available to license from the University of Edinburgh to manufacture and sell antibodies for research purposes.

This license is royalty bearing - details are disclosed in the non-exclusive licence agreement.


Monoclonal antibody to Streptavidin-binding protein

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Commercial Licence Agreement for SBP-tag research reagents 5.00

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Term: 36 months
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