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HTS-Anna is a high quality Southern British female voice package for the open-source Festival 2.1 text-to-speech system, using the 2010 HTS engine.

The synthetic speech voice package comprises data files containing voice parameters for HMM-based synthesis and a suitable Southern British pronunciation lexicon.

The package also contains a modified version 2.1 of the Festival text-to-speech engine and Speech Tools, required for generating synthetic speech.

The distribution contains source code in several compressed tar files which must be uncompressed, unpacked and then compiled. Wrapper shell scripts and instructions are provided.

The voice package is available for commercial use via a non-exclusive licence.

The voice package may be used with Festival 2.1 or integrated with a third party text-to-speech engine, and may be redistributed with third party products/services in a suitably encrypted form.

Audio generated by using the voice package with a text-to-speech synthesis system may also be distributed as part of a product or a service offering.


Southern British Female Voice Package

for Festival Speech Synthesis System

Please check carefully that the terms you select correspond to your intended use of the product.

Commercial Licence Agreement for HTS Anna Voice Package (with Combilex RP Lexicon) 3.00

Commercial Licence with signing fee

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Term: perpetual (does not require renewal)
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