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Researchers from the University of Edinburgh have generated a pluripotent (murine) embryonic stem cell line and have shown that these MBD3-deficient stem cells are maintained in the absence of any exogenous factors (e.g. serum or LIF).

Upon the addition of MBD3 back to the cells, the cells are able to differentiate into identifiable bone, muscle, skin, fat and neuronal tissue.

The University of Edinburgh is seeking commercial partners to sell MBD3 null cell lines for compound screening or to use the technology to identify signals and factors that control cell specialisation.

MBD3 null embryonic stem cells are available to license from the University to manufacture and sell for research purposes.

This license is royalty bearing - details are disclosed in the non-exclusive licence agreement.

MBD3-deficient embryonic stem cell line

Please check carefully that the terms you select correspond to your intended use of the product.

Commercial Licence Agreement for MBD3 Null Embryonic Stem Cell Lines 5.00

Commercial Licence with signing fee

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Term: 36 months
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