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Researchers at the University of Edinburgh have identified two protein domains (MBD and CxxC) proven to isolate methylated and nonmethylated CpG islands (CGIs), respectively.

Using these proteins, a novel CGI enrichment technology, has been devised and proven to identify and separate bona fide CGIs.

221,860 of the separated (non-methylated) CGIs have been cloned and sequenced demonstrating that this technology identifies a significant number of CGIs that fail the NCBI strict criteria.

This technology is available to license in the field of CpG analysis services or to manufacture and sell a complete human CpG research reagents and diagnostic tools.

The CxxC Domains patent is available in conjunction with CxxC and MBD plasmids from the University of Edinburgh to manufacture and sell research reagents.

This licence is royalty bearing - details are disclosed in the non-exclusive license agreement.


Proprietary CpG Reagents

analyse the methylation status of human genes

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