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Apoptosis and subsequent phagocytosis of neutrophils following their recruitment to sites of inflammation is essential to prevent tissue damage and a chronic inflammatory response.

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh have discovered a monoclonal antibody, "BOB93" recognises a glycoprotein of unknown function on the surface of apoptotic neutrophils.

The antigen recognised by BOB93 may act as a 'molecular bridge' between the surface of the apoptotic neutrophil and the phagocyte to modulate apoptotic neutrophil clearance at inflammatory sites.

Hybridoma cells expressing the monoclonal antibody BOB93 are available to license from the University of Edinburgh to manufacture and sell antibodies for research purposes.

This licence is royalty bearing - details are disclosed in the non-exclusive licence agreement.


Antibody Marker for Apoptotic Myeloid Cells


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