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Researchers at the University of Edinburgh have discovered a monoclonal antibody (BOB78) that recognises a sub-population of neutrophils that are believed to be in the 'late' stages of apoptosis.

Although neutrophils form a vital component of the body's defence against infectious agents, the uncontrolled release of their toxic arsenal may inflict damage to surrounding tissue and propagate an inflammatory response leading to tissue destruction and scarring.

On other cell types, there appears to be a multilineage, early, de novo surface marker of apoptosis which is lost again as the cells become late apoptotic/necrotic. The mechanisms that result in the expression of the BOB78 antigen remain to be determined.

Hybridoma cells expressing the monoclonal antibody BOB78 are available to license from the University of Edinburgh to manufacture and sell antibodies for research purposes.

This licence is royalty bearing - details are disclosed in the non-exclusive licence agreement.


Antibody Multilineage Marker for Surface of Apoptotic Cells


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Commercial Licence Agreement for Antibody Marker for Surface of Apoptotic Cells (BOB78) 5.00

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