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High resolution image of Professor Peter Higgs at the University of Edinburgh, who identified a new particle that became known as the 'Higgs boson', which is the target of a major research programme at CERN.

Professor Peter Higgs, a particle-physics theorist at the University of Edinburgh, showed in 1964 how to give mass to fundamental particles that would otherwise remain massless.

Professor Higgs’ work led to the so-called Standard Model of elementary particle interactions. It also predicted the existence of a new particle that became known as the ‘Higgs boson’. However, no one has ever observed the Higgs boson in an experiment to confirm the theory.

This elusive particle is now being actively sought by a group of international researchers at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider on the French/Swiss border, near Geneva.

A high resolution image of Professor Peter Higgs will be provided under this licence.

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Professor Peter Higgs Image

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